Monday, August 11, 2014

A heart for service

Recently it has been put heavily my heart that I am to feed and clothe people. As in a life mission. Please pray that my thoughts remain focused and my endeavors true. I was never meant to be draped in diamonds and covered in gold, and I am grateful that I have a heart for service. But my mind tends to wander and then get overwhelmed when I get philanthropic: I get excited about changing the world and I have trouble remembering that I need to take one day at a time, and take care of myself before I reach out to uplift others. It takes me longer to accept what everyone else around me knows as fact because I am stubborn. I am also a loyal and faithful friend. If I walk away from someone or something, it isn't for my lack of trying. Many times throughout my life, I have made myself physically ill with worry that I have either done too much or not enough. I have a great capacity for care and concern, and because of that, I tend to be very intense. For this, I am grateful, because though it can be lonely at times, I tend to scare people off who aren't up for the challenge of authenticity off, and I guess in the scheme of things, it helps to narrow down my circle of real friends. So today, I am putting it into the universe that I, I KNOW: that I am enough, I have worth, and I have purpose. Through God, all things are possible. 

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